Top 10 tips for travelling with tots

Top 10 tips for travelling with tots

When we launched our Baby Blue Chip collection, we asked mums for their top travel tips for journeying with tots…and here are some of the ways you guys told us you make that first break as a family one to remember.

Our Baby Blue Chip properties have everything you need for that first break with baby, from the little things like night lights to the essentials such as baby baths and changing mats.

1. Use the power of imagination

Although ipads and those favourite toys have their place, a car journey’s a great opportunity to resurrect those classic car games we all played as kids, and if you keep them thinking and entertained they’ll be more likely to enjoy the journey.

2. Calmness is key

You told us that you try not to sweat the small stuff. Remember that you’ll soon be starting your holiday and making memories somewhere special, so stay cool and try not to get frazzled if you encounter the odd in-car tantrum.

3. Leave extra time for pit stops

You know how it goes…just as you turn onto the most deserted road ever a small voice pipes up from the back asking for the loo. You lot told us that you add extra time to your journey plan ready for these little events so you don’t have to worry...

4. Get singing

If the kids want to bop along to Gangman Style then so be it…so make sure you’re ready and armed with a cd packed with all their favourites so you can whip it on and turn it up when they start to get restless.

5. Wrap up some surprises

All kids love a game of pass the parcel, so there’s nothing stopping you from wrapping up bits and bobs and passing them into the back to keep them happy when boredom strikes. If anything, it makes it feel like the holiday’s underway even before you arrive.

6. Don’t forget their bestest toy

Nobody wants to imagine baby’s first holiday with his favourite ted, so although this one’s obvious, it came up time and again when our mummy advisors gave us their favourite tips.

7. Good old Calpol

Chances are you won’t need it, but quite a few of you guys told us you like to take the Calpol with you just in case…so add this to your holiday list so you can relax and enjoy the trip with peace of mind.

8. Take nan and grandad

If there’s one person who’ll know what to do no matter what happens during your holiday (and who won’t want to miss one moment of baby’s first adventure), it’s nanny. Better still, if you take nan and grandad along they’ll be on hand to make the car journey fantastic fun...

9. Lots of snacks

If there was ever a time for a bag full to the brim with healthy snacks then this is it. Pick their favourites, stock up and be ready to hand them out at all kinds of funny times on the journey.

10. Enjoy it

It may seem a little daunting, but this is the holiday that’s going to stay with you for years to come. Our Baby Blue Chip properties are kitted out with everything new mums and dads could need so all you need to do is pack up the kids.
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