Redlake Farm

Redlake Farm

Somerton, Somerset

Leave the rest of the world behind and slow down to the pace of country life with a break at Redlake Farm in Somerset. Perfect for those of you keen to escape city life for a few days and enjoy the countryside we all know and love Somerset for, our Redlake Farm lodges are stylish homes from home surrounded by five blissful acres of land.

Even when you’re enjoying some time out in your contemporary lodge, you’ll be able to make the most of the scenery thanks to doors that open out from the living space onto the decked terrace, so you’ll never be more than a moment away from the sounds of the countryside and a breath of fresh air.

Now, with your own welcoming hot tub on your terrace you'll be tempted to stay close to your lodge throughout your time at Redlake Farm, but you'll find Clarks Shopping Village just 4 miles away, as well as Strode Theatre and the Shoe Museum. Closer still you'll find Wheathill Golf Course if you fancy enjoying a few rounds, and the famous Cheddar Gorge is less than 20 miles away.

Bubbling Hot Tubs

Picture this…peace and quiet, country views and your own bubbling hot tub. Our Redlake Farm lodges have their own hot tubs to make them that little bit more indulgent, so you’ll be free to take some time out in your own little slice of hot tub Heaven.

Set on your own private terrace, each hot tub looks out across the country views that surround the lodges, so they make blissful spots to sink under the water and just enjoy the some time out in a picturesque setting.

Picnics and Barbeques

Why dine inside when you’re surrounded by five acres perfect for picnics? Guests are welcome to picnic throughout the site, and if it’s been too long since you made yourself comfortable in the grass and tucked into your favourite lunch then now’s the perfect opportunity.

If you take some time out to do a spot of fruit picking during your stay, you’ll be able to include your findings in your picnic, and doesn’t food taste all the better when you’ve sourced it with your own hands?! There’s a barbeque area too, so if you’re lucky enough to catch a trout in the nearby fishing lake then the staff will be only too happy to give you hints and tips on cooking it to perfection.


Fruit Picking

Hands up if you love picking fresh fruit? And hands up if it’s been far too long since you did?! Life at Redlake is all about enjoying life’s simple little pleasures and spending time together outside, and you’re free to do a spot of fruit picking during your stay.

Home to apples, pears, plums and yummy blackberries, the five acre site’s home to its own fruit trees and bushes, and if you’re taking the kids along then they’ll love picking their own ingredients to make a special dessert! One of those pastimes that’s just as much fun doing with our own children as we had with our mums and dads back in the day, fruit picking is one of Redlake’s most popular activities.

Trout Fishing

When’s the last time you sat beside a tranquil lake for the day and saw what you could catch? Well, thanks to its well-stocked fishing lake, Redlake Farm offers trout fishing for everyone from angling experts to new beginners.

If you catch yourself a trout you’ll be welcome to cook it to share with the rest of your clan on the onsite barbeque, and as those of you who are keen anglers will already know – there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of eating your catch! Just ask a member of the team about fishing prices when you make your booking and then settle down for a quiet day beside the lake.

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