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{"LocationDetails":{"Id":0,"Name":null,"Description":null,"Alias":null,"MainImageLocation":null,"PointOfInterests":null,"MetaData":null,"ErrorCode":null,"ErrorDescription":null,"IsSuccess":false},"PointOfInterestDetails":{"PointOfInterestItem":{"AdditionalImages":[],"Id":24326,"Title":"Glastonbury Tribunal","Body":"\u003cp\u003eGlastonbury Tribunal is a 15\u003csup\u003eth\u003c/sup\u003e century town house that\u0026rsquo;s believed to have been Glastonbury Abbey\u0026rsquo;s courtroom. These days, it\u0026rsquo;s home to the Glastonbury Tourist Information Centre and the Lake Village Museum upstairs. Whether you visit for a quick look around and the information you need to start exploring Glastonbury or to take your time and enjoy the museum, the building has all the original charm of a medieval house.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003eIf you stand outside and look at the house you\u0026rsquo;ll notice joints in the masonry where the building\u0026rsquo;s fa\u0026ccedil;ade was replaced during the 16\u003csup\u003eth\u003c/sup\u003e century, but step inside and you\u0026rsquo;ll find everything much as it was in its heyday. The front door connects to the pretty little courtyard to the rear of the building with one passageway and you can still see the arched fireplace in the front room. Look to its edges and you\u0026rsquo;ll see carvings either side of the fireplace that were etched in during the 16\u003csup\u003eth\u003c/sup\u003e century to look like folds of linen.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003eThis is a building where you don\u0026rsquo;t have to look too closely to see the markings of the original features, and if you look up on the wall from the ground floor you can still see the markings left by the original medieval staircase, so the property brings Glastonbury\u0026rsquo;s past to life for its visitors as well as providing information on the attractions on offer today.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n","AtGlance":null,"Categories":[{"ParentId":null,"Id":375,"Name":"Things To Do"},{"ParentId":"375","Id":206,"Name":"Attractions"},{"ParentId":"206","Id":371,"Name":"Family Attractions"}],"Inspirations":[],"HotPick":false,"LocationLatitude":51.1483,"LocationLongitude":-2.71695,"MainImage":" Rose.jpg/carousel.jpg","LogoImage":null,"Alias":"somerset/glastonbury/glastonbury-tribunal","MainImageSmall":" Rose.jpg/carousel.jpg","Locations":[{"ParentId":"91","Id":541,"Name":"Glastonbury","Alias":"glastonbury"},{"ParentId":null,"Id":91,"Name":"Somerset","Alias":"somerset"}]},"Distance":null},"IsDestinationPage":false}