Holidays in Shropshire

Holidays in Shropshire

Our guide to Shropshire holiday cottages

With all its beautiful scenery and rolling countryside it would be easy to think Shropshire holidays didn’t have a lot going on…think again. One of the things we love about this delightfully English neck of the woods is that, once you get there, you’ll find something to suit every kind of visitor.

The county’s dotted with traditional market towns perfect for foodies, listed buildings, gardens and family attractions, so it’s just a question of thinking about how you want to spend your break. Or, if you just wanted to get outside and make the most of the landscape, you’ll find plenty of places to take the kids cycling, walking or just exploring.

Shropshire’s many markets make it easy to sample the region’s yummy local produce, and their stalls are always stocked with fresh fruit, veg and treats. Once described as “a little bit of France near the Welsh border”, Ludlow’s the unofficial foodie capital.

Things to do in Shropshire

Shropshire’s the perfect playground for anyone with a love of history, and one of the best ways to take in all those gorgeous views is from the Severn Valley Railway. Hop aboard, sit back and enjoy the sounds and smells of the golden age of steam…well what better way is there to while away a sunny day in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?

South Shropshire’s got something of a reputation for its rolling countryside and spectacular views, so if you’re planning on doing some serious walking during your holiday in Shropshire we’d say head to the Shropshire Hills. There’s something relaxing about a long old walk with nothing but countryside to greet you along the way, and Shropshire’s all about space, views and the Great Outdoors.

Places to visit in Shropshire

Let’s start with one of the most popular places to visit in Shropshire, Stokesay Castle. Owned by the English Heritage, this medieval manor house is one of England’s finest. The great hall’s pretty much as it was 700 years ago, and if you stand at the gable windows and look out you’ll be treated to striking views of Shropshire’s famous countryside. Officially an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the hills cover more than a quarter of the county, and that means plenty of opportunity to get walking during your time in the region.

Shrewsbury’s one of the most popular places to visit in Shropshire, and it sits within a great big loop of the River Severn. Look in any direction while you’re there and the chances are you’ll see a castle, historic house or a park on the horizon, so you’ll find a day out for every kind of weather. Shrewsbury’s historic streets are lined with more than 660 listed buildings, and the quirky street names make shopping in the town centre even more fun than usual!

Restaurants in Shropshire

There are some delicious restaurants in Shropshire, and one of the best-loved is La Dolce Vita in Shrewsbury. It not only bodes well that this restaurant sits happily at the top of the Top of the TripAdvisor list, but it also won the Midlands Regional Award for Best Restaurant under 50 seats at the English Italian Awards in 2016. So, if you fancy heading out and sampling the foodie scene during your holiday this might just be one to try.

For something a little different, you’ll find Casa Naranjo right in the heart of historic Shrewsbury, and what better way to stop off and regroup during a hard day of shopping and exploring? This restaurants serves up traditional Spanish tapas, and this one’s perfect for a quick lunch or a cosy evening meal. With a friendly atmosphere and plenty of space, this restaurant’s a nice one for a group meal if you’re staying with friends or family in the region.

Shropshire Hills

A designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Shropshire Hills covers one (very picturesque) quarter of the entire county. With that feeling of being just far enough from the hustle and bustle to feel magical, the hills make the perfect setting for a satisfying day’s walking during your break in the area. The landscape’s diverse, so in any one walk...
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