Guest safety has always been a number one priority for us. In order to give you peace of mind, we have introduced our accommodation providers to extra measures they may put in place in order to reduce any risk of infection during your stay, whilst ensuring you are still able to enjoy your holiday and any facilities that may be available to you.

Cleanliness, hygiene, and social distancing during your stay

Overall, our portfolio has always achieved high cleanliness scores from customers. You are able to see an accommodation’s historic cleanliness score displayed on that accommodation’s property page. Reevoo independently verifies that any reviews provided are from genuine customers.

We have worked with our accommodation providers and provided them with plenty of materials they may consider as they adapt their cleaning protocols. We have separately developed a set of principles that our accommodation providers may use as a framework to ensure the cleanliness and sanitisation of their accommodation and facilities, a check-in process with minimal contact, and appropriate social distancing measures in place. Each accommodation provider has also been encouraged to consider, whether in light of their specific circumstances or any other reason, which additional measures should be put in place as well as to ensure adherence to any applicable government and industry guidance.

Look out for the above logo on those accommodations whose providers have specifically confirmed to us that they will adopt and implement the below principles to the extent applicable to them and their accommodation(s) and have agreed to do so, where relevant, for every guest arrival. You can search for the logo as an accommodation option.

View all properties that adhere to the Safer Stays Principles here.

Safer Stays Principles

  • Protection for cleaners: Appropriate PPE equipment and training for cleaning staff to enable them to work safely and to appropriate guidelines.

  • Cleaned and sanitised: Using anti-viral disinfectant for all surfaces and high touch areas.

  • Increased cleaning time: Allowing extra time for additional cleaning during changeover.

  • Removal of non-essential items: Temporarily remove items that are more difficult to keep clean and hygienic.

  • Reassurance given: Information cards to explain extra cleaning practices and where possible, hand sanitiser available to use.

  • Managing and reporting cases: Government guidelines followed to report and manage any potential or confirmed infection cases.

  • Safer check-in: The use of key safes through to distanced check-ins.

  • Social distancing: For shared facilities and areas, signage on-site and markers on the floor requiring guests to follow government guidelines with respect to social distancing whilst on holiday.

Book with confidence

We continue to monitor the government’s advice on public health measures. If you need to cancel your booking because UK government public health measures mean you are not allowed to travel or if your accommodation is not being provided for any reason, then you will be able to choose any one of the following options:

  • Pay for your summer break just 3 weeks before you go

  • Full refund

  • Transfer to a later date or a different resort or accommodation

  • Choose an e-voucher to rebook your holiday online

See full details here.