Hope Cove holidays

Hope Cove holidays

Our guide to holidays cottages in Hope Cove

If you ever needed a reason to visit the South Hams then Hope Cove would probably be it. The kind of village that could have been made to grace the front of postcards, this sandy little resort’s every bit as quaint as it sounds. For one thing, the beach is beautiful. With just enough seclusion to feel blissfully off the beaten track, this sandy beach is a haven for families looking for somewhere to enjoy time in the sun way from the crowds.

There’s another stretch of sand at Hope Cove too, if you head north for a few minutes from the harbour you’ll find yourselves at Mouthwell Beach, also sandy and a great spot for rockpooling with the kids. We’ll go into more detail about the beaches in a minute, but the thing we love about both of them is that they have that ‘Famous Five’ feel to them, with rugged scenery that’s remained untouched by tourism over the centuries, you can still imagine the smugglers sneaking their way on to the shore as they once did with their loot.

If part of the fun of a holiday in Hope Cove is the chance to feast on all kinds of yummy local produce and fresh seafood, then you’re not going to be disappointed, after all, it’s a fishing village at heart. These days, the village is best known for its crab and lobster, and that means the restaurants that call the village home know how to serve seafood treats to perfection. 

Hope Cove beach holidays

Ok, so one of the biggest perks of a few little days of retreat from the world at Hope Cove is the beaches. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle and home to two gorgeous sandy beaches, this friendly little village is perfect for that family break that’s all about sand castles, walks in the water and watching the tide come and go.

If you’re planning on taking your dog along, he’ll be welcome on the whole beach at Hope Cove, as long as he stays on the lead. Hope Cove beach is just the backdrop for those all-important “look at the views” holiday pics, and it’s framed by the harbour wall. If you need plenty of amenities nearby then fear not, this sandy little cove is within minutes of the toilets, cafes and shops, so even those of you with little ones in tow will find it as convenient as it is stunning.

And then there’s Mouthwell Beach, just a little further along from the harbour. Also sandy, this one’s also a lovely corner of the coast for a stroll or some time out on the sand, and it’s within easy reach of everything you need. See, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Days out in Hope Cove

We’re pretty confident that for much of your Hope Cove holiday you’ll be more than happy to bumble close to home and enjoy the setting, but there’s plenty to discover when you do fancy venturing a little further afield. For one thing, the sailing town of Salcombe’s just five miles away, and it’s the kind of well-to-do Devon resort where there’s always something going on.

If you get the chance to visit South Sands beach in Salcombe than we say do. One of the most beautifully unspoilt beaches in the whole of the South Hams, this beach is home to clear waters and golden sands that just make you want to kick your shoes off and run to the horizon.

Next on the list of days out, it’s Slapton. With a sandy beach so long that it’s a popular spot for a good old walk, and Slapton Ley nature reserve, this resort’s popular all year round. Wander the section of coast path that runs along behind the beach, and if you fancy stopping off for a bite you’ll have your pick of welcoming cafes that serve up fresh crab sarnies to keep you going. Slapton Sands beach rolls on for two miles, all the way from Strete Gate to Torcross, and you’ll pass the Sherman tank that stands on the shore in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in the tragic Exercise Tiger disaster in 1944.

Hope Cove restaurants

If you’ve been thinking about foodie treats ever since you read the word “seafood” then the moment’s finally here when we fill you in on where to dine during your stay in the area. There are a few Hope Cove restaurants to choose, from and whichever one you go for we have to say you can expect a warm welcome and great food.

First of all there’s The Cove. Just fifty yards from the sands of the beach, this café and bar makes the perfect setting for that long lazy lunch in the outside seating area, and what better way to feast than with the sea breeze whipping at your hair to remind you that the beach awaits when you’re done? Whether you pop in for a brunch, a supper as the sun sets while your skin tingles from the sun, or a quick smoothie to keep you going, you’ll just be glad you did.

Some evenings, all you want is to sit back with a sea view and wait for a plate of something hearty, and that’s where the Hope & Anchor comes in. This stylish Hope Cove pub combines a chic style with great food, and it’s always relaxed. The outside space looks out to sea, and as it’s just a minute or two from the South West Coast Path it’s a popular pit stop for walkers. 

Hope Cove Beach

Hope Cove beach is the kind of sandy cove that reminds you of the stories you read when you were younger. Tucked behind the harbour, part of this beach's charm is how pretty its it, but it's also a great spot for some time out on the sand with the bucket and spade. Large enough that there's room to shake...

The Old Bakery

From its pretty garden with twinkling fairy lights to the candles in jars on every table inside, The Old Bakery is all about homemade food in a setting that feels like a home from home. The cafe and restaurant has a reputation for tapas that means diners travel from all over the region to indulge in it and the Eggs...
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