Green Policy

Green Policy

As part of our commitment to provide high quality accommodation in the South West in the most environmentally sustainable manner we aim to ensure that we have good environmental practice in all aspects of our business; that we will meet the minimum requirements set by environmental law and fulfill our legal duty of care requirements for waste disposal. We aim to minimise the harmful effects and maximise the beneficial influences of all aspects of our business.

In order to do this there are a number of measures we seek to undertake, including:

  • Minimising our office waste through recycling, reusing and reducing waste.
  • Monitoring the use of natural resources within our office to ensure these are kept as low as possible and to detect leaks at the earliest opportunity.
  • Encouraging our guests to use public transport to travel to the South West and/or use local public transport during their stay.
  • Encouraging staff to use public transport, walk or car share for the purposes of commuting and business meetings where feasible.
  • Purchasing from local and/or fair trade companies wherever possible.
  • Using only environmentally sensitive products in the cleaning of our office and encouraging our owners to use these in the cleaning and preparation of properties.
  • Sending all correspondence for bookings via email where possible.
  • Providing recycling facilities for paper and glass in all of our properties where recycling collections are available.
  • Offering guests who no longer require our brochure the facility to send this back to us for us to recycle or reuse.
  • On arrival, providing guests with information on what they can do to help.




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