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{"LocationDetails":{"Id":0,"Name":null,"Description":null,"Alias":null,"MainImageLocation":null,"PointOfInterests":null,"MetaData":null,"ErrorCode":null,"ErrorDescription":null,"IsSuccess":false},"PointOfInterestDetails":{"PointOfInterestItem":{"AdditionalImages":[],"Id":12543,"Title":"Southbourne Beach","Body":"\u003cp\u003eSouthbourne Beach is something of a hidden treasure for those on Bournemouth beach holidays, as it\u0026rsquo;s a popular one with residents but often gets overlooked by visitors for the busier beaches. This beach is a mixture of sand and shingle, and holds a Blue Flag \u0026ndash; so it\u0026rsquo;s well worth venturing a little of out of town to enjoy it for a change during a holiday in the area.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003eIf you fancy a swim away from the madding crowd then this is probably your best bet as there are no sudden shelves or rip currents here. There are toilets, two car parks and nearby shops \u0026ndash; so although not one of the busier beaches it\u0026rsquo;s well equipped. You\u0026rsquo;ll also find deckchair and beach hut hire.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003eBetter yet, visitors are welcome to have barbeques on this beach, so if you want to treat the family to some al fresco hot dogs one evening you\u0026rsquo;ll be able to have a great time cooking them on the sand. If you prefer to have your dinner cooked for you, you can visit the cafe close to the beach instead. Dogs are banned from Southbourne Beach.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n","AtGlance":null,"Categories":[{"ParentId":null,"Id":375,"Name":"Things To Do"},{"ParentId":"375","Id":207,"Name":"Places of Interest"},{"ParentId":"207","Id":215,"Name":"Beaches"}],"Inspirations":[],"HotPick":false,"LocationLatitude":50.7195,"LocationLongitude":-1.79582,"MainImage":"","LogoImage":null,"Alias":"dorset/bournemouth-christchurch/southbourne-beach","MainImageSmall":"","Locations":[{"ParentId":null,"Id":80,"Name":"Dorset","Alias":"dorset"}]},"Distance":null},"IsDestinationPage":false}