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{"LocationDetails":{"Id":0,"Name":null,"Description":null,"Alias":null,"MainImageLocation":null,"PointOfInterests":null,"MetaData":null,"ErrorCode":null,"ErrorDescription":null,"IsSuccess":false},"PointOfInterestDetails":{"PointOfInterestItem":{"AdditionalImages":["",""],"Id":12685,"Title":"Sidmouth Beach","Body":"\u003cp\u003eSidmouth Beach is about as close to the Jurassic coastline as you can get without leaving Devon, and this friendly pebble beach rolls for on for around a mile. If you time your visit for when the tide\u0026rsquo;s just gone out you\u0026rsquo;re more likely to find sand for the children to play with, and there are lifeguards on duty during the summer.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003eFramed by the picturesque Georgian promenade behind it, the beach starts at the River Sid to the east of the town centre and stretches all the way to Chit Rocks and on to Jacob\u0026rsquo;s Ladder. It\u0026rsquo;s one of those stretches of coastline that looks striking no matter how many times you\u0026rsquo;ve seen it, and the dramatic red cliffs on the eastern side of the beach mean you can get some impressive holiday snaps during your time in Sidmouth.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003eSidmouth Beach belongs to the East Devon World Heritage Coast Site, and it also connects to the South West Coast Path if you want to discover the area on foot. This beach is a favourite with young families as not only does it have more than its share of rockpools but its water also holds a Marine Conservation Society UK recommended award.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003e\u0026nbsp;\u003c/p\u003e\r\n","AtGlance":null,"Categories":[{"ParentId":null,"Id":375,"Name":"Things To Do"},{"ParentId":"375","Id":207,"Name":"Places of Interest"},{"ParentId":"207","Id":215,"Name":"Beaches"}],"Inspirations":[],"HotPick":false,"LocationLatitude":50.6774,"LocationLongitude":-3.24055,"MainImage":"","LogoImage":null,"Alias":"devon/sidmouth/sidmouth-beach","MainImageSmall":"","Locations":[{"ParentId":"120","Id":123,"Name":"Sidmouth","Alias":"sidmouth"},{"ParentId":"201","Id":120,"Name":"East Devon","Alias":"east-devon"},{"ParentId":null,"Id":201,"Name":"Devon","Alias":"devon"}]},"Distance":null},"IsDestinationPage":false}