Manna from Devon Cookery School

Manna from Devon Cookery School

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Dartmouth has established itself firmly on the foodie scene in recent years, with the Dartmouth Food Festival showcasing local and celebrity chefs, and the area’s cobbled streets fileld with the scene of homemade fodder. Manna from Devon is one of the friendliest and most approachable cookery schools on the county, and its courses are helpfully divided into different areas to help you choose just what you’d like to learn.

There are bread making classes for those of you with visions of welcoming guests with the smell of baking bread, or learn how to prepare fresh fish just a stone’s throw from the fishing capital that’s Brixham. Learning to cook can also be a great activity for the whole family to enjoy together, and it’ll inspire your children to take an interest in the kitchen once you’re back home too. There are even lessons on how to cook up a storm using a wood burning oven, so it’s just a case of choosing the right class to suit you and your lifestyle.

If you’re already pretty handy in the kitchen yet keen to get a little more exotic with your dishes, opt for the Asia Cooking lessons. You’ll be taught some key Thai dishes so you’ll be confident at preparing authentic meals once you’re back in your own home.

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