St Michael's Mount

St Michael's Mount

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There aren't too many islands that you can reach on foot, but then St Michael's Mount is far from ordinary in every way. St Michael’s Mount is a majestic Penzance attraction, and the historic island sits out at sea just 3 miles from the town.

Connected to Marazion by a cobbled causeway, St Michael’s Mount is home to a fascinating village with a history spanning 1000 years, that visitors of all ages will have a great day discovering. Hop aboard a boat at high tide or wait it out and  make your way along the causeway on foot, but however you approach the landmark expect to enter a world of myths, legends and history.

A foreboding medieval castle peers sternly down on sub-tropical landscapes that were once trodden by the pilgrims who flocked to the island. If you fancy viewing the island from the water there are boat trips available, and what better end to the visit then to sample Cornish produce in one of the island’s traditional eateries before you go?

Here's a story to tell the children as you wander your way to the island, legend has it that a mythical giant called Cormoran used to live on the Mount, occasionally stomping to shore to steal food and animals. He was eventually captured in a pit by a local boy, and the villagers were left in peace.

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