Cirencester Holidays

Cirencester Holidays

Our guide to holiday cottages in Cirencester

If you want to experience the Cotswolds in all their weekly market, stone cottage and beautifully scenic glory then it’s got to be Cirencester. The largest of the region’s settlements, this historic market town has it all…a history that dates back to Roman times, some gorgeous walks and row upon row of pretty little shops, quirky tearooms and seriously quaint cottages.

In the heart of the town itself you’ll find an attraction for every day of the week, from the impressive Corinium Museum which tells the tale of the Romans who once called the area home (Corinium was the second largest Roman town in England way back when), to the beautifully imposing parish church that dominates the town’s skyline, and there’s something to suit every interest.

Places to visit in Cirencester

Just a short drive from the town you’ll find one of the UK’s most recognisable (and certainly most photographed) landmarks in the scrumptiously quaint form of Arlington Row. This collection of medieval weavers’ cottages couldn’t look more English if it tried, and it’s the perfect spot to capture that “look where I am” snap to share with those back home.

For every holiday you need that all-important fact to share with the rest of your family while you’re there, and in the case of Cirencester it’s this – the town’s home to the largest yew tree hedge in the world. True story. It sits within the elegant (and private) Bathurst Estate, but if you make your way to spend some time in Cirencester Park you’ll be able to see it stretching up over the wall as you near the park entrance.

The park itself is open to the public and makes a lovely space to spend some time just relaxing and enjoying a sunny day during a stay in the area, and the design may have been inspired by Baroque geometry but it was created with relaxation in mind.

Things to do in Cirencester

The Cotswolds could have been made for walkers, and The Cotswold Way makes it easy to pick a section and spend some time exploring the region on foot during your stay. The trail rolls on for more than 100 gorgeous miles, and it guides those who wander it through some of the UK’s most beautiful areas of countryside.

Choose from sections that wind their way through friendly little village, past ancient monuments with a tale to tell and those more off the beaten track…but be prepared for lots of pauses to capture the views. 

We mentioned shops, but if you’re after the full market town experience then you need to make sure you visit one of the town’s three weekly markets. Whether you go for the Antiques and Collectibles market on a Friday, or the Charter Market which takes place every Friday and Monday, you’ll find a friendly welcome and plenty of opportunity to sample the tastes and crafts of the region…well it would be a shame not to.

Malt and Anchor

There’s always that one day during a holiday where someone pipes up that they fancy fish and chips, and who are we to stand in your way?! The Malt and Anchor has a reputation for serving up yummy fish and chips, and it’s right in the heart of Cirencester. We love the fact that they’ve stuck to the traditional faves,...

Cirencester Ampitheatre

It’s no secret that Cirencester was once the site of one of the largest Roman towns in the country, but did you know that it’s also home to the remains of one of Britain’s biggest Roman amphitheatres? Archaeological digs led to the discovery of the earthwork remains of the Roman amphitheatre, and it dates all the way back to the...
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