Blue Chip Holidays Guest Feedback Policy

We understand how important feedback from other guests is in helping you to make the all-important decision on where to spend your next well-earned break.

For this reason, we are working with independent third-party review system, Reevoo, to collect accurate information about your stay as well as your experience of booking with Blue Chip Holidays.

Maintaining the quality of our portfolio is paramount and we closely monitor all guest feedback to continually improve the guest experience.

How is feedback collected?

We invite guests to complete an online satisfaction survey shortly after their return from holiday.

How is the overall Blue Chip Holidays score calculated?

Guests are asked whether they use Blue Chip Holidays again for future holidays, answering either yes or no.

These scores are then used to calculate an average percentage score out of 100 for those who would book again.

How is the overall property score calculated?

Guests are asked to rate their overall holiday experience from 1 – 10.

The scores for every piece of feedback are aggregated and then used to calculate an overall score out of 10 for the property.

Guests are also asked to rate other aspects of the property separately, including; comfort, location, cleanliness, local amenities, and value for money.

As part of this review, there is also the option to provide detailed guest feedback in a free text box to be displayed on the website. This is alongside a General Feedback area which will not be displayed on the website but will be shared with the owner.

Do you publish all guest feedback scores on your website?

It's important that the feedback on our website offers a true representation of the experiences of other guests, and for this reason, we’re committed to publishing scores from all guests provided they pass Reevoo’s moderation guidelines as detailed below.

The following types of reviews will be placed into a moderation queue while we investigate before publication:

  • Includes swearwords or variations thereof
  • Includes derogatory language or words that could cause offence
  • Include allegations of unlawful behaviour
  • Reference individuals in a malicious way
  • Are clearly written as a complaint and are requiring some action
  • Reference cheaper prices or booking direct
  • Include factually incorrect information – it must be able to be proven that the comment is factually incorrect.
  • Include personal information not suitable for publication

The following types of review will be placed in the holding pen:

  • Threaten legal action or reporting to a regulatory body
  • Include claims of serious ill-health or damages caused
  • Cite a risk to holiday makers that requires investigations

Recommendations from other guests

We encourage guests who have enjoyed their stay to share tips on what to take, local walks and the best places to eat.

When will my feedback appear on your website?

All feedback is checked manually and moderated before it appears on our website. Feedback will not appear instantly and during peak holiday periods, there can be delay of up to 28 days.