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Here's what happened when we reviewed a box of craft beer from Beer 52

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve teamed up with the guys behind the craft beer revolution, Beer 52, to give away a box of quirky craft beers with group lodge stays this summer. So, because we wouldn’t offer you guys anything we hadn’t sampled ourselves, a few of us stepped up to the task of choosing a beer from the box and reviewing it for you. What can we say, we’re just good like that.

Tori sampled Gose to Hollywood

If, like me, you’re the type of person who enjoys the odd bottle of Corona with a slice of lime of a summer’s afternoon, this one’s worth a try. It’s advertised as ‘thirst quenching and infinitely refreshing’, and the citrus tones certainly see to that. Perhaps it’s a case of an undeveloped palette for the subtleties of beer (I’m more of a G&T sort of person), but had I not read the bottle I would have said the flavour was more lemon or lime – it’s quite a sharp taste. Get a couple in, make sure they’re really chilled, and enjoy after a day on the beach. It’s a bit different, and certainly more on trend than Corona!

Phil sampled Wooha

Being asked to taste beer in the line of duty is a dream come true for most people, it is for me.  When the chance cropped up recently I was first in line, quite literally.  I looked through our offering of craft beers from Beer 52 selected one I was sure I’d like, I trundled home happy with my selection.  The story takes a tragic and sad turn at this point where in my haze of excitement the beer in question escaped from my carrier bag a promptly exploded on the pavement a matter of feet from my front door.

Fortunately there was still a selection of beers available the next day so I went round again, this time more carefully and I successful transported it home and into the fridge.  My beer was Wooha, a lager brewed in Scotland that sounded pretty good. After a busy Sunday I sat down in front of the football and duly consumed said beer being mindful to critique it. Enjoyable as it was it wasn’t quite to my taste but that didn’t detract from the overall experience.  I’ve bought into the Beer 52 concept and have hopefully dropped enough hints that father’s day will see me the proud owner of a subscription (fingers crossed.)

Kelly sampled Bohemian Pilsner

When an intriguing box of craft beers from our friends at Beer 52 arrived at the office, there was a scramble to do the right thing by you guys and sample a bottle to review. I have to admit that I went for Bohemian Pilsner because I liked the name and the arty bottle, and when Friday night rolled around and my friends poured the wine, I unbottled way my way to the craft beer revolution…

Much like Tori, me and beer only really cross paths now and then when I go for a bottle of something traditional on a sunny day, and as the bottle promises that this one’s far from the usual boring beers I took a swig with gusto. Bohemian Pilsner’s based on the ethos that ‘old school’ is the new ‘new school’, and that’s a pretty good way of describing it. Close your eyes with the evening sun on your face and this beer has a tangy flavour that makes it easy to imagine you’re somewhere far far away, and it’s perfect for those evenings with friends when you fancy impressing them with something different from the usual choices.

Beth sampled Hardknott Brownian

What a great task - take a beer home from work and write a review! Beer 52 is a great concept - subscribe to receive a regular selection of beers on a monthly basis and try something different!  This Hardknott Brownian motion was certainly outside of my usual comfort zone. If you like Porter then this one could be for you, it has an unusual smoky and slightly salty taste - a very different combination for me and one that I enjoyed sampling for a change.

Nick sampled Endless Vacation

So…..I got home from work in the(still) blazing sunshine. On the way back, all I could think was how perfect it would be to fire up the barbeque and crack open my ‘endless vacation’. After cooking more meat than could be found in a supermarket fridge, it was time!

It was a refreshing change from the mass produced ales and lager’s which taste the same from batch to batch. Despite being a pale brew, it was full of flavour and for ale it was surprisingly thirst quenching. I’d definitely like to try more of the offerings from Beer 52 and am looking forward to my next delivery of barbeque refreshments!

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