We asked you to share your Valentine’s disasters…

...and you went above and beyond!

When we asked our Facebook followers to comment and tell us about their worst ever Valentine’s gifts we were expecting a few shockers, but nothing could have prepared us for some of the unromantic and frankly (in many cases) pretty weird tales we heard back from our loyal fans! So, as good to you as we are, we thought it’s only right that we shared them with the world.

Let’s start with our well-deserving winner Sarah. Sarah may have won herself a break this month to make her February extra special, but she was once the recipient of a Valentine’s clanger to top them all. Imagine her horror when she opened a subscription to Weight Watchers from (wait for it) her partner at the time’s mum…and things only got even less lovey dovey when said gift giver claimed it was because she couldn’t imagine Sarah being happy with her size…

Then there are the innocent yet ever so deflating misunderstandings… like poor Laura who ran to the front door to be handed a dazzling bunch of roses, only to confirm her name to the delivery boy and be told “ah, these are for your neighbour”…hmmph. Jules on the other hand, was lucky enough to receive flowers, but for some reason the bunch arrived completely dead…so the grass isn’t always greener for those of you who feel Laura’s disappointment.

And some of the stories were mindboggling for all the wrong reasons. Like poor old Kim who saw visions of a new puppy when her boyfriend presented her with a dog lead, only to be told that it was actually for an invisible dog…take it from someone’s who’s a bit quirky…that’s just odd. Some of the stranger gifts resulted in the fairytale though, as Sal received a pair of (rather messy) love birds from her now husband…aaaaaw.

So, after being lucky enough to hear some of your Valentine’s disasters we were only too happy to throw some good cupid karma back into the universe by treating Sarah to a stay in one of our beautiful properties this month. And if you’ve yet to arrange something special (or you’re considering a dogless dog lead) we still have a whole selection of luxury lodges complete with secluded hot tubs ande cosy cottages far from the rest of the world available to make this one the year you’ll remember for all the right reasons. Click here to start your search.  

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