My stay at Nyland Lodge

I went to check out Nyland Lodge at Strawberryfield Park

When the message went out around the team that someone was needed to check out our newest property to see if it was up to Blue Chip standards, I bravely accepted the grueling task of staying in the 5-star Platinum lodge for the weekend. To make matters worse, I was told that my duties included spending some time in the hot tub and sampling the wine from the welcome pack! Luckily for Blue Chip, I’m a consummate professional and managed to shoulder the responsibilities. For the good of the team of course…

In all seriousness, Nyland Lodge was a property that caught my eye as soon as its arrival was announced to the team. Being familiar with the other properties on the Strawberryfield Park development, I knew this lodge would be equally as stunning and it definitely didn’t disappoint…

When my girlfriend and I pulled into the driveway of Nyland Lodge, coming straight from work on a drizzly Friday evening, it soon became clear that this weekend would be the perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries. Everywhere we looked inside the lodge, we realized what it meant for a property to be classed as 5-star Platinum. It’s the extra care taken over the tiny details that impress the most.

Of course it has all the amenities you could ever think of, but these are all top of the range and beautifully presented. The lodge has a large HD Apple TV, video streaming apps, a selection of Blu-ray films and surround sound.  The fantastic floor to ceiling windows have  remote control operated blinds, so you can create a cosy atmosphere or let the light flood in depending on your mood. And then there was the hot tub – lights on, heated to the perfect temperature and bubbling away waiting for us as soon as we arrived.

The surrounding scenery is equally as impressive, with the Mendip Hills on one side and the  Cheddar reservoir and the rolling hills of the Somerset countryside on the other. It’s well worth the trip to Cheddar Gorge to check out the network of caves and the cliffs of the gorge itself. The bewildering sight of the native Billy goats perched precariously atop a ridge in the rock, 50ft above your head is something that has to be seen to be believed!

With all the walks available in the area around the lodge, we couldn’t help but feel our last night in (cosying up watching a film after my ‘attempt’ at a romantic meal) was a wasted opportunity. On the other hand, can drinking a glass of champagne whilst in a hot tub ever be classed as a waste?

If you fancy staying at Nyland Lodge yourself, click here for more information. 

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I’m Blue Chip’s Online Marketing Exec, which means I spend my time working on lots of different projects. In my spare time I enjoy a game of football, going to gigs and dragging my girlfriend to watch Star Wars.

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