My favourite way to welcome spring

We only needed to be asked to bottle feed lambs once...

As March has been creeping closer me and my mum have been waiting eagerly for one of the most important calls of the year, and that’s the call from our friend Liz to say that she needs help with the lambs on her farm.

So, when she invited us to spend a day on her farm in the countryside just outside of Kingswear, we were in our wellies and making our way towards Brixham before she could say “bottle feeding”. The lambs have been arriving thick and fast over the last few weeks, and the newest arrivals are still calling the barn home until the weather turns, so we made our way from the farmhouse and followed the bleating.

If you’ve never stepped into a barn filled with sheep and lambs for as far as the eye can see then you’ve never welcomed spring in style, and with gloves on and bottles in hand we headed straight over to the pen we call ‘the nursery’. The thing is, when ewes have multiple lambs at once the smallest one can sometimes struggle to get in on the milk, and the little chaps in the nursery are the ones who’ve had to be removed for hand feeding to make sure they’re not ignored. And that’s where we come in.

They may look teeny but it turns out lambs are pretty hungry creatures, and the trick is to hold the bottle teat firmly on so that it doesn’t spring off and cover the little cuties in milk (you only make that mistake once!).  And so, mum and I spent the rest of feeding time checking each lamb had his half bottle and a cuddle before heading back to the nursery to wait for the sun to come back out so they can experience their first trip out to the fields of South Devon.

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