Let's hear it for Dolly!

The winner of our latest doggie photo contest

I love dogs, and that’s why one of my favourite bits about being the company’s Content Manager is running competitions aimed especially at those of you who own four-legged friends…like the one Dolly (pictured) just won on our Facebook.

Our latest photo contest asked owners to upload a photo of their pet enjoying the Great Outdoors, and we had more than 600 gorgeous snaps of dogs having a fantastic time during their adventures. It was almost impossible to pick my favourite…there were puppies exploring the beach for the first time, reluctant little guys venturing into the snow, and then hundreds of happy go lucky chaps bounding their way through life. There were sausage dogs gazing out to sea, Jack Russells playing ball and groups of terriers just spending time with their canine pals...what a dog-tastic way to start my week.

After much deliberation (and calling the rest of the marketing team over to see my favourites and indulge in collective “aaaaaaaaaw” noises), I picked this snap of Dolly who belongs to Emma. It’s just one of those pictures that you can’t look at without smiling, and I love the fact that she looks like she’s having the time of her life.

Emma tells me that this is pretty typical of Dolly, and that she’s just a happy kind of dog, and she can now look forward to a stay in one of our dog friendly properties this year thanks to her mum winning the £250 holiday voucher. Well done guys!

We run regular competitions on our Facebook channel, and via email, so follow us or sign up to keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

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Kelly Marsh

I'm Blue Chip's Content Manager, so I get to spend my time finding out where you should go and what you should do during your holidays...well someone's got to do it! When I'm not blogging you'll find me getting lost on various walks around Devon, relaxing at candlelit yoga and just enjoying life.

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