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The Angels Tearoom in Torquay

Since Harriet, our new Owner Communications Exec joined our Marketing team all the way from Yorkshire and moved to Torquay, I’ve been making it my business to show her all those little places in South Devon that make it one of my favourite places to be. Because, when you look beyond the sandy beaches and the attractions that make it great fun for families, it’s actually full of hidden gems that are perfect for quiet weekends all year round.

And one of them is the Angels Tearoom in Babbacombe. Now I just want to point out that this isn’t a plug, I haven’t arranged a lifetime’s supply of warm scones in exchange for this blog – it’s just one of those places I knew Harriet had to experience…

The Angels may be small, but it is mighty. Book yourself a table whenever you finally make it here as it’s always busy, and be prepared for the slightly longer than usual wait on food that – as the menu proudly states – is because everything’s prepared freshly and they’re not trying to be a fast food restaurant…oh how deliciously Devon.

Anyway, there’s plenty to catch your eye while you sit and wait for your cream tea. True to its name, the whole tearoom’s unabashedly decorated with angels and cherubs, and even if you’re not quite as into the whole angel thing as I am, it actually looks elegant and quaint rather than tacky. This is a welcoming little place too, as despite its size the little old lady in the corner sipped her tea with her dog tucked under her feet, and a baby slept soundly in the pram beside us – oblivious to the violin-playing cherub dangling above him.

So, now for the important part, the food. The menu’s packed with all kinds of yummy variations on the traditional cream tea, and this time Harriet and I attempted the Angelic Cream Tea. Just look at that picture, it may be for two people but when we gave up there were sarnies left, half a cake and we’d had about three cups (with saucers don’t you know) of tea each.

You get to choose which kind of (warm) scone you fancy trying, which jams, which sandwich filling from a list of about twenty you’re after and which homemade cake, and the waiter didn’t even get tetchy when we ummed and aaahed about every single choice. As a bit of a regular, I can vouch for the fry ups if you’re feeling more like dippy egg and local sausages than a scone, and they’re happy to do a cherub (smaller) version if you don’t think you can manage a great big portion.

So, fun was had by all, I poured my tea without using the strainer twice, we ate so much we were full all day, and Harriet can now take her mum for a cup of tea and a natter somewhere she knows is going to make it special, even if it’s just a less than sunny Saturday. Job done.

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