Hurray for Falmouth!

It's officially the best place to live in the South West

Well it’s official, the results of The Sunday Times Best Places to Live guide have been announced, and Cornwall’s ever so beautiful Falmouth came out on top for the South West. The guide looks at the quality of life, crime rates, the cost of houses and performance of schools to highlight the best places to live throughout the UK, and good old Falmouth clinched it for the region this year.

I have to say, I’d lived in Devon for years and years without venturing down to the lively harbour town, until a chance chat on the London train piqued my interest. I found myself chatting to a woman who’d grown up in Falmouth and was so besotted with every part of life in the town that it was impossible not to catch her enthusiasm. She described the way life centres around the harbour, the restaurants that take pride in plating up the fresh catch of the day for hungry visitors, and the festivals that see people flock to join the fun in their thousands.

Home to the third-largest natural deep water harbour in the world, Falmouth’s one of those destinations that just has the kind of atmosphere that makes it perfect for festivals and celebrations, and the Falmouth Oyster Festival in October, Falmouth Spring Festival in March and the Sea Shanty Festival in June are some of the town’s annual shindigs.

So, although we can’t all be as lucky as my train buddy to actually live in Falmouth, there are always plenty of excuses to head down for a visit. See you there?

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