Have a quirky Christmas in Grassington

It’s time to dig out your Victorian costume again…

Would we rob you of the chance to dress up in Victorian costume and wander an olde wordle market this Christmas? As. If. So, in the spirit of giving you guys the gift of a quirky Christmas event (and I’ve got a feeling you’re going to like this one), allow me to present the annual Dickensian Festival in Grassington.

The three Saturdays in the run up to Christmas see the market town of Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales transform into a festive Dickensian world of wonder, and you can spend many a happy hour wandering the historic streets and browsing stall after stall of local produce, crafts and everything in between.

Even if you don’t actually need to stock up on anything for Christmas (in which case we salute you for being so prepared), the festival’s one of those experiences that just feels like Christmas. Coloured lights twinkle, the smell of roasting chestnuts lingers in the air and the shopkeepers go all out with their Victorian costumes. It’s not unusual to see Scrooge wander past you with his nightcap and his candle, or Victorian ladies bustle past with fans in hand, and that’s what makes the whole event so much fun.

Trust me, they know how to do a festival wherever you go in Yorkshire, and this one’s no different. You can barely turn a corner without finding another street entertainer, live singer or exhibition, and there’s plenty of opportunity to see how the local crafts are done thanks to demonstrations.

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