Eyes to the skies for Santa this Christmas Eve

Well, it’s the ISS really but still…it’s Christmas!

I’ve got some fantastic news for the mums and dads amongst you who have kids that are getting just that little bit too old to believe the whole Father Christmas tale…the International Space Station is going to be visible as it flies above the UK on Christmas Eve – making this one extra special for believers (and nearly believers) across the nation…hurrah!

Now I can’t promise reindeer strapped to the front of the space station as it orbits the Earth on Christmas Eve, but we have it on very good authority that if you catch a glimpse of it (you’re looking for a fast moving object with no flashing lights) it could well be mistaken for Santa doing his rounds before the big day.

The International Space Station should be easier to spot than usual from 4.40pm to 4.50pm on 24th December, so it’s the perfect opportunity to gather the kids and step outside to see if you can catch sight of it as it passes above the UK. And if you want to keep the magic alive for your older kids for just a little bit longer then this is just the opportunity to have a go at spotting Santa.

The space station orbits the whole planet every 92 minutes, but as luck would have it, it should be easier to see than usual as Christmas approaches, and on Christmas Eve it’s set to rise in the west and then set in the south east. If you’re handy with a telescope you can use Nasa’s clever Spot the Station tool to pinpoint exactly where it is before you get the kids on the lookout for Santa’s sleigh.

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