Devon's Crealy – The ‘most amazing day ever.’

When Blue Chip's Phil took his clan to Devon's Crealy...

The quote in the title was from my delighted four and half year old son Finnegan.  As a family of five we visited the attraction on a Sunday in November.  A good tip is to book online in advance, which will reduce the admission costs by up to 20%.

After Finn had determined his height on the way in (which we quickly realised meant that mum or dad would be joining him on most of the rides) we went through the rapid fire list of things he could immediately see – pirate ship, water slide, roller coaster, train!  Finn’s excitement, and his volume, increased with each item listed and before long I found myself on a Safari Train ride with Finn and Oscar (our 18 month old.)  The relatively quick process of going from ride to ride was then embarked upon.  Being a Sunday morning in November there weren’t queues to speak of but I imagine that in the middle of the school holidays the process of going from ride to ride would be a little more time consuming than our experience.

After a few hours of rides and excitement, lunch was required to refuel for more activity.  The savvy person would have brought a picnic and used some of the facilities assigned for this activity but sadly we didn’t fall into this category so a pizza and pasta buffet was the option we went for. There is plenty of choice on the food front at Crealy but being honest I would probably try and be organised enough to take a picnic in the future.

Post lunch there was time for a few more rides, some fun in the playgrounds and on the slides followed by a trip to one of the indoor play areas. There are a couple of soft play areas and a selection of small rides all of which were sampled by Finn with Oscar getting involved for a dizzying ride on the tea cups. The weather stayed fair on our visit but on a less favourable day this area would be huge bonus for getting the children out and letting them expend some energy.

All in all a great family day out which left nearly all of us with a smile on face (Florence at 3 months old just slept through the experience.)  We resolved to do it all again soon, very soon in fact, we validated our tickets on the way out for a free return visit within 6 days, two great family days out for the price of one, don’t mind if I do.

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Phil Beattie

I’m the Director of Operations for Blue Chip Holidays and a father of three. My time outside of work is usually sampling family friendly activities of all types; attractions, walks, places to eat and everything in between! Hopefully some of my experiences will help you have a great holiday especially with little ones in tow!

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