Could you eat 250 cream teas in 4 months?

The yummiest sabbatical ever...

We’re slightly in awe of the blogger who’s so intent on reviewing cream teas for us all that he’s spent a four month sabbatical roaming Devon and tucking in. In just four months, Ditch Townsend’s sank his teeth into more than 250 yummy, not so yummy and average Devon cream teas…sir, we salute you.

Ditch has had a passion for the traditional Devon cream tea since he first tried one during a holiday in our fair county as a teenager, and finding himself with some free time on his hands he decided to start up a blog and dedicate his time to sampling as many as he could.

So what does Ditch look for in a cream tea? He points out that finding the perfect plate of scones is really down to personal choice (don’t get us started on the jam or cream first debate!) but there are a few ground rules. Whipped or double cream is a complete no no…it’s got to be clotted, and it’s got to be from Devon. He prefers his scones to be warm, and a choice of jams goes a long way towards a positive review on his blog.

So we know what you’re wondering…who’s come out of the cream tea mission smelling of strawberry jam? Well so far Ditch has visited every tea shop north of the A38, and his favourites include The Old Forge Caffe in Chagford, Nelly May’s in Ilfracombe, the Corn Dolly in South Molton and the Oak Barn in Budleigh Salterton.

Next, he’ll be heading down to the county’s scenic south coast and seeing how their cream teas measure up to their country cousins. Impressed as we were in the office by Ditch’s dedication to the cream tea, we must admit to wondering where he puts them all, but he’s got the occupational hazard of watching his waistline under control with a little trick. Ditch does his best to only eat one eighth of the scone with cream on top and another without…although he admits that when he finds a particularly tasty one this doesn’t always happen!

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