Blue Chip's Tori chats about Baby Blue Chip

Our latest collection's just for new mums and dads

As the last few weeks of 2015 loom, we’re busy planning for next year in the Blue Chip Marketing team, and one of the most important things we’ll be considering is how to give our guests an even better experience next year. One of the ways we’ve achieved this throughout 2015 is by grouping our popular properties into collections that appeal to our key customer segments, like our Baby Blue Chip collection.

Earlier in the year we launched Baby Blue Chip, our brand new collection of properties aimed at making things easier for new mums and dads keen to get away for that first break with baby. Every property in the collection is equipped with a whole list of items that can make a huge difference to those travelling with babies, such as night lights, baby cutlery and even blackout blinds.

It’s become increasingly important to offer properties that are specifically geared to customers’ individual needs, and we launched our latest collection based on insights from families travelling with pre-school children. Our research highlighted that for many mums and dads, their gaze falls to UK holidays once they start a family where they would have previously chosen to venture further afield. Factors such as the stress of the airport and the worry of disturbing other holidaymakers during the journey or at night-time meant that many new mums and dads prefer to stay closer to home and keep things simple.

To help get round the problem of how to fit everything in the car, we created a collection of properties that already offer everything parents need to keep baby happy. Thanks to the collection’s strong selling points, we’ve secured some fantastic coverage from a network of some of the most influential ‘mummy bloggers’ in the industry, and they’ve been only too happy to share their experiences of Baby Blue Chip on their blogs and social media channels.

It’s still early days for the collection, but if we take September 2015 we can see that the properties in Baby Blue Chip outperformed very similar properties that don’t have this selling point, so we have confidence that the collection will achieve on average, an additional booking every month during off-peak periods.

We’re using this time in the run up to the end of the year to identify similar opportunities so meet the needs of specific customer segments, so that we can make 2016 even more successful for our owners and our guests.

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