A weekend at Whitestones in Weymouth

Last weekend was all about cosy cottage life in the heart of Weymouth

As January’s slowly stretched itself out in a blur of cold, sunny days, I’ve been dreaming of a couple of days away from it all. The kind of days where I can walk for hours with the sea breeze tingling my cheeks and then head home to curl up and forget the rest of the world, and somewhere I make some new memories for 2017.

So, last weekend saw me and Harriet, our Owner Communications Exec head off for a few days of time out at Whitestones in Weymouth. A listed property right in the centre of town, Whitestones is the perfect winter retreat from it all, and we felt at home as soon as we stepped inside.

There’s nothing like a friendly-looking bottle of red to get your break off to a good start, and the welcome hamper that greeted us was packed with all the right treats to make us feel pampered.

I love a nice cottage, and the lovely thing about this one is that it’s full of little touches that give every room an elegant feel. Now, I’m going to start with the bathroom on the first floor, and if you look at the photo you’ll understand why -it’s just gorgeous. The roll top bath sits in the centre of the room, the chandelier glints, and the Jack and Jill sinks add a little touch of luxury.  If you’re feeling a little frazzled, trust me, that roll top bath has the power to melt life’s stresses away…

There are three bedrooms to choose from, and the master bedroom on the first floor’s the kind of space that has a personality all its own. Antiques dot the room, adding to the period character the fireplace and bay windows already create, and the dressing table even has a silver hand mirror and hairbrush to make you feel like the lady of the house. With a twisting wooden staircase leading up to it, the third floor’s home to two more rooms, and the second one has an antique wooden school desk, perfect for the kids to sit and read the Paddington paperbacks you’ll find on the chest of drawers.  

Now, when I say Whitestones is central, I mean it’s less than a five minute walk from the centre of the town. So when Saturday dawned we bundled up in our snoods and blew the cobwebs out with a long old wander along the seafront. Choosing a restaurant’s always a bit of an art when you’re somewhere new, but we followed our noses to an Italian one that’s about as close as it’s possible to be to the waves without getting wet.

There’s something peaceful about being snuggled up and watching the sea swirling in all its glory, and we tucked into a bowl of Bolognese (sometimes the simple ones are the best!) each while the weather put on a show for us outside.

To me, you only really know if a property has that special something when you return to it, and Whitestones has one of those living areas that make you sink into the sofa and just refuse to budge for hours. I love the fact that the TV isn’t the focal point, so instead an evening’s all about cosying up with a glass of wine and chatting until those beds beckon.

If you’d like to learn more about Whitestones, click here.

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