A very special break at Una St Ives

The perfect break for mum's Big Birthday

With my mum’s 60th looming, my brother and I booked a long weekend for our clan at Una Cuprum 65, at the gorgeous Una St Ives.

As we made our way from Devon to St Ives, the wind howled and the clouds danced above us, but I didn’t care, sometimes all you need is to cosy up with your family while winter whirls on outside. Blue Chip’s Kim, who looks after the Blue Chip Experience service, had organised for a cake and balloons to greet my mum in the lodge, so I sat her down in the Una Kitchen with a sandwich and a cup of tea while I dashed across to the lodge to check everything was looking birthday-ready.

A little while later, mum stepped into the property and exclaimed with glee at her treats. And then exclaimed with glee at the master bedroom, and then at the balcony from said bedroom. When 7pm rolled around, we walked the minute or so across to the Una Kitchen for mum’s birthday meal, and the next couple of hours were spent enjoying the kind of food that makes you want to stay at Una for a lifetime. Yum yum yum. I had the beetroot hummus to start, followed by a roast chicken pizza, and we skipped on dessert with the promise of mum’s birthday cake waiting back at the lodge.

As we stepped inside, my brother set about getting the log burner crackling, and we poured the fizz over fresh raspberries. I curled up on the L-shaped sofa and listened contentedly as my family caught up, happily watching the flames flicker in front of me. With my cheeks warm from the fizz and my toes warm from the log burner, I made my way up to bed and a dreamless sleep.

I love the facilities at Una, and the following morning saw me rousing my family in a bid to get them over to the pool for a morning swim. Half an hour later, me and mum were chatting at the edge of the pool while the others slept on back at the lodge, and I eased myself into the day with a stint in the hot tub, steam room and the sauna. There’s plenty of space in the pool, and it’s one of those indoor pools that’s always nice and warm, so it made the perfect spot for a post-birthday heart to heart with mum.

We made our way back to the lodge where my brother’s wife, Amy, had conjured up a full English, and we settled down to a family feast. Tummies full and with the sun starting to peek between the clouds, we made our way to the surfing village of Hayle, about ten minutes away from Una.

Hats and gloves firmly on, we ambled our way down the sandy path that leads from the car park to the dunes, and as I felt the sun on my face and saw the sea I flung my arms out and ran towards the water. And tripped. Flat onto my face. Awkward. I picked myself from the sand to the sounds of my brother’s mirth, and we made our way along the beach, stopping now and then to chat to dog walkers enjoying the sunshine.

With the family walk over, we drove into St Ives and spent the afternoon cosied up in a fisherman’s pub by the harbour. With cobbled streets, quirky boutiques and a friendly atmosphere, St Ives is gorgeous at any time of year, and there’s something about being there when it’s quiet that makes it feel even better. In fact, the whole weekend felt like a cosy little retreat from the daily grind, and mum had a 60th weekend to cherish.

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