A little bit of pampering goes a long way…

A day out at Beyond Escapes Devon

We all have busy days, whether this is work or home related, so just sometimes it’s worthwhile taking an hour or two to have a little bit of ‘me time’. So, with this mantra strongly in mind, I booked myself into the Beyond Escapes Be You Spa and opted for a full body massage for my birthday treat.

Parking the car and walking into the reception I was immediately greeted and welcomed by the receptionist, who gave me a check list for me to fill in. I completed the form in the lounge area which overlooks the Westerland Valley at Marldon, this took about five minutes and the therapist came to collect me.

The treatment rooms are on the first floor and my room had a Velux window which allowed natural light to flood in and was spotless.

The therapist explains which oils are being used and what they do – apparently this is linked to the questionnaire and are selected accordingly. She then asked if any areas needed particular attention, like most, I said my neck, shoulder and back… part and parcel of my hours at my desk and not moving about enough throughout the day.

The whole experience, which lasted an hour, was absolutely wonderful. I felt completely as ease and drifted away to the sounds on the background music, knots worked on and shoulders gently eased back into the correct position, rather than hunched around my ears. I ended the experience with a cooling glass of water, with lemon, lime and cucumber - refreshment on the inside too!

I will definitely return as I practically floated out to the car, and probably had the best night sleep I have had in ages.

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Dawn Bristow

I’ve worked in the Contact Centre at Blue Chip Holidays for over 8 years, and I absolutely love it. There’s no better feeling than helping guests find their perfect holiday. When I’m not at work I love walking on my local beach and reading a good thriller novel.

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