A few days in Padstow

I love Cornwall at this time of year...

A few weeks ago when an autumn weekend dawned bright and golden, I found myself in my cousin’s St Issey farmhouse, in the Cornwall countryside. I love the way that everything feels like one big fiery adventure at this time of year, and as we grappled with her toddlers’ car seats and set off to nearby Padstow I felt excited to experience the fishing resort without the crowds of summer.


As we parked beside the harbour and started walking the streets that surround it, the sun shimmered on the water and boats bobbed quietly. Padstow may have all the charm you’d expect from a traditional fishing resort, but its loyal following of foodies means it attracts visitors all year round, and as we made our way around the harbour’s edge we stopped to chat to visitors pondering where to eat lunch and which fudge to take home for their pals.


We ambled our way to the end of the pier to find three young boys happily crabbing under the watchful gaze of their gran, and my cousin’s little ones edged their way towards the bucked to peer inside. Thrilled to have a captive audience to witness their morning’s catch, the boys sat down cross legged in front of their bucket, and took out every crab to say hello to the wide-eyed pair. I’ll be honest, I hung back just far enough to avoid the crab legs without causing any offence, but I couldn’t help but smile at the patience the boys showed with the younger children…I love Cornwall.

We said cheerio to our new friends and made our way back to the harbourside, and I took a moment to pop into a little shop called Jam Industries. Now, if you’re as keen on Made in Chelsea as I am then you’ll probably already know that this little Padstow gem’s owned by Andy Jordan, and as I started browsing the clothing I looked up to see a familiar face leaning on the counter and chatting happily on the phone…well hello Andy!

Just as lovely as you’d imagine, Andy was happy to chat me through the Jam Industries ethos, and the aim behind this city surf brand is to inspire city peeps to ditch the smog now and then and spend some time on the coast. Not only that, but that guy knows the Padstow foodie scene too. Next time you find yourself in Cornwall’s foodie capital, make sure you try the Prawn on the Lawn…Andy’s orders.


So, if you're planning to discover Padstow for yourselves, click here to browse our properties in the area - and make sure you try your hand at crabbing!

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