A day at the Miniature Pony Centre

More than just ponies...

When my mum, sister and two nieces descended for a short summer break, I was determined to get out and about, whatever the weather. In typical British summer style, the forecast was for sunshine and showers, and as we all know, that could mean anything!

We decided to visit The Miniature Pony Centre, on Dartmoor, as it gave us a few options if the weather was unkind, and it was. We arrived under a leaden cloud as we parked our cars. "Why are the clouds crying?" asked my 4-year-old niece, Beatrice...

After ten minutes hoping for dry weather, there was a break in the deluge and we headed to the reception. The ticket prices were reasonable for a family day out - adult tickets are £8.50 and a family ticket is £30.00. The receptionist also offered Beatrice a pony ride at 2.30pm, which was eagerly accepted.

It was still raining, so we headed to the café for a bite to eat. There was an excellent choice of sandwiches, paninis and jacket potatoes along with a tasty selection of desserts.

What time is it, asked Beatrice?
1:15pm, Beatrice.
Oh, not time for my pony ride then….

After a delicious lunch, the rain cleared and we headed out to see a luscious green field full of beautiful tiny ponies (yes, I know I should have expected that given the name!), which were gorgeous, and we were free to roam around and say hello.

The grounds at the centre are large and there is so much to do to entertain the kids. Molly, who’s 17 months loved the swings, and she was very content being pushed by her grandma for what seemed like hours.

What time is it, asked Beatrice?
2:00pm, Beatrice.
Nearly time for my pony ride!

One of the team caught our attention as he rang a bell and called for anyone who wanted to handle some of the small animals, so we strolled past the indoor soft play area, large horses, toy tractors and pigs to get to the small animals – Beatrice loved stroking the guinea pigs and large fluffy rabbits.

Beatrice, it’s time…

The time finally arrived for the pony ride. The staff led three ponies of varying sizes into the arena and called for the first children. Beatrice stepped up and had her helmet fitted, before being lifted on to her gorgeous pony. She was guided around the arena looking very proud of herself, and when the ride came to an end, she was presented with a yellow rosette, which she wore proudly for the rest of the day.

We all had a wonderful day, and I would certainly recommend a visit to The Miniature Pony Centre next time you’re looking for a fun day out for the whole family.

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