10 very British seaside holiday traditions

10 very British seaside holiday traditions

Aaaaaah, you’ve got to love a family break by the seaside, and no matter how many years roll by or how many of your own tots you’ve created now you’re all grown up– there are some things that just have to be done during a British break.

1. Building sandcastles

Number one has to be the most blissful rite of seaside holiday passage there is – the creation of your tot's first sandcastle. Now, there are all kinds of tips for the perfect castle we could offer, but half the fun’s building it in your own way...

2. Fish and chips with a view

A break by the sea’s the perfect excuse to forget the diet and remember how it felt to dig into a vinegary tray of fish and chips without a care in the world, and no matter how old you are, they still taste all the better when you sit outside.

3. Rockpooling

Hours of fun for miniature explorers and their parents, rockpooling is compulsory during a family escape to the seaside. Grab your bucket and that curiosity we leave behind in childhood and peer into the pools to see what you can find.

4. Sandy sandwiches

Some things never change, and no matter how carefully you make and pack the beach picnic you can guarantee that teeny tiny grains of sand will somehow work their way into your sarnies. But look on the bright side, it’s good to keep traditions alive.

5. Taking the dog

How many of your childhood memories have the family pet bounding about in the background? The glory of a UK beach holiday is that you’ll have your pick of dog friendly properties so your own tots can enjoy a break with the whole family.

6. Donkey rides

We did it, our parents did it, and so should our own lucky offspring...a trip to the seaside means the chance to perch on a donkey and plod along the sand. Classic.

7. Fun on the pier

From Scarborough to Paignton, so many of Britain’s seaside resorts still offer all the fun of the pier, and what better way to while away an afternoon than thrashing your family on the retro games of your youth?!

8. Punch and Judy

Speaking of retro, here’s another oldie – Punch and Judy. We defy you to sit through a show without raising a smile, and the kids can have hours of fun re-enacting it on the way home in the car just like you used to with your own siblings.

9. Football on the beach

Feel free to opt for rugby instead of football if you’re growing a budding Jonny Wilkinson, but the point is there’s got to be at least one sandy game that sees fellow beachgoers join in throughout the match.

10. The family beach photo

Now, there are three things to remember about the perfect family-on-beach snapshot. One, the sun must be in your eyes so you squint, two, somebody (probably one of the kids) will blink, and three, one day you’ll find it unexpectedly and smile.
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