10 things we love about autumn

10 things we love about autumn

Ok so summer’s drifted off for another year, but we think that autumn’s pretty magical too. The trees put on a fiery show, shiny little conkers start falling at our feet, and the beaches wait patiently for walkers to come and say hello. And that’s before we even start thinking about all that yummy food to keep us warm and toasty…so here we are – check out 10 things we love about autumn.

1. Empty beaches

There’s something peaceful about the beach when the crowds of summer have packed up their deckchairs. Whether you pick a pew on the sand to eat fish and chips, or you treat yourself to a dawn walk as the sun comes up…make sure you book some beach time.

2. Food festivals

It’s that time of year when our minds turn to hearty comfort food, and that means lots of food festivals to help us celebrate local produce and great tastes. Weekends are all about sampling yummy dishes and feeling inspired…bon appetit!

3. Food in general

To be honest, we don’t even need foodie festivals to indulge when the weather starts to get chilly. One of the best things about this time of year is that we can dig out our favourite wintry recipes and cook those family feasts. Goodbye salads…hello pies and crumbles.

4. The colours

You have to hand it to autumn…it always puts on a show. There’s something about all those golden leaves that makes the whole season feel regal, so it’s only right that we dig out our brightest outfits and get out there to celebrate.

5. It's walking weather

Speaking of getting out and about, autumn’s a great time for a good old walk. The cooler weather means you don’t have to get all hot and red, and you’ll be able to pop into a local pub to whet your whistle and warm up by the fire – bliss.

6. Pumpkin seed lattes

It’s not only the food that gets us all excited about this time of year…it’s the official season of the pumpkin latte. It’s suddenly sociably acceptable to sip all kinds of quirky spiced coffees, and nobody judges when we drink warm alcohol in the daytime.

7. Duvet days

Whether you’re on an autumn break or just at home, we all do it. There are just those days that are all about popping an 80's film on the Blu-ray and staying cosied up…and autumn’s the perfect excuse to have a sneaky duvet Sunday.

8. Halloween

We defy you to show us a child that doesn’t love Halloween, and it’s one of the many highlights of autumn. It’s time to start thinking about which ghoulish characters your little monsters are going to be, and we love that so many family attractions go all out to make...

9. Log burners

By far one of our absolute faves…cuddling up with a glass of wine while the log burner flickers. The perfect way to stay all warm and cosy when those evenings start closing in, we love love love open fires and wood burners.

10. We get an extra hour

Last but by no means least, we have to love the fact that we get an extra hour when the clocks go back on the 29 th October. That means a whole extra hour in bed and darker evenings…and then it starts to feel like Christmas isn’t too far away...
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