Did you know...donkey rides have been part of Weymouth beach for a century?

Weymouth’s cheery atmosphere and safe, golden beach make Weymouth holidays a popular choice for family-friendly getaways year after year. Guests can enjoy the three miles of sandy coast, Georgian promenade and picturesque harbour, although numerous family attractions now ensure that there is plenty to see and do even when the sun isn’t shining!

The neighbouring Isle of Portland is connected to the town by Chesil Beach, and its rugged landscape and scattered communities offer plenty to explore.


Jurassic Skyline

With a history dating back a mind-boggling 185 million years, the Jurassic Coastline’s stunning from any viewpoint, but we think the aerial view from Jurassic Skyline has got to be one of the most exhilarating. Jurassic Skyline is a viewing tower in Weymouth, and if you’ve a head for heights and you fancy seeing the spectacular scenery from above it’s...

Al Molo

It must be all that fresh sea air, but there’s something about Weymouth that leaves us with a hankering for a plate of...

Abbotsbury Swannery

No holiday in Dorset is complete without a stroll amidst hundreds of nesting swans and their hatching signets. Yes, Abbotsbury Swannery is one of a kind, and as it was formed by Benedictine monks back in the 1040s it’s also the area’s oldest family attraction by far. The monks originally kept the swans to for their opulent banquets, but these...
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