Did you know...Looe and Polperro were once thriving smuggler’s communities

Perched on the south coast of Cornwall, the town of Looe and the village of Polperro are just six miles apart, but have characters all of their own.

Looe and Polperro have gripping histories filled with tales of the smugglers, pirates and fisherman who have walked the cobbled streets and alleys over the centuries. Although the only traces of the less lawful industries are these days confined to the museum in East Looe, Looe remains a working fishing port and holidays in Looe involve ample to see and do - both in the town and around the area. With the harbour and main shopping area in East Looe, West Looe is the quieter of the towns.

Access for cars in Polperro is controlled very strictly, and most vehicles must be left in the car park on the outskirts, so it is worth walking if possible. Cars are permitted into Looe, although it is advisable to leave them at the town’s entrance or arrive on foot as the narrow, winding streets can be difficult to navigate by vehicle.

Looe Island

Here’s an inspiring story, when sisters Babs and Evelyn Atkins discovered this island in 1965 they decided they would own it and live on it, and they made it happen. The island can be seen a mile offshore from Looe, and it may look pretty rugged but it was home to the sisters for 40 years. Officially named St George’s...

The Monkey Sanctuary

The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall’s Looe has a special place in the heart of Blue Chip Holidays since we adopted one of its residents, the very adorable Amy (pictured above). The sanctuary enjoys a peaceful setting in woodland close to Cornwall’s coastline, and it offers monkeys in need a safe home and makes a lovely day out for visitors of...
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