Now we may be a tiny bit biased, but we love our county, and we can honestly say that every one of its resorts has a unique character that offers something special. From the sandy beaches and fluttering palms of the English Riviera in South Devon to the dramatic, rugged coastline that draws the surfers to the north, there’s a Devon holiday to suit every kind of visitor.

Home to five areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, one UNESCO World Heritage Site and two national parks, Devon has scenery that could have been made to grace postcards, history that amazes and the space to just be…well, whoever it is you are when you’re miles from anywhere.

So, where do we start? Let’s start with the beaches (since there are so many you’ll be spoilt for choice). For young families and those of you who love the traditional bucket and spade holiday it’s got to be the ever so pretty South Devon. Every inch the classic beach resort, the region’s home to sandy beaches with great amenities and hidden coves for those days when you want to avoid the crowds. Many of the area’s beaches have lifeguards on hand during peak season and handy amenities like parking and shops within easy reach.

Now if you’re after the kind of wide, dune-backed beach that you can walk for hours without seeing another soul then we should point you in the direction of the North Devon beaches. From Saunton Sands where Robbie shot the Angels video to surfy favourites like Woolacombe, these sandy gems are the laidback, bring the dog and enjoy the peace and quiet stretches of coast.

If you’re a surfer then you’ll already know these are the ones to aim for if you’re after a break with your board in Devon, and the fact that many of them are off the beaten track makes them all the more special.

Now for the walkers...if it’s walking you’re after you’re in luck. The South West Coast Path winds its way along the county’s cliff tops and beaches, and with the sea as a backdrop for much of the way it takes those of you who walk it past the kind of vantage points that’ll stop you in your tracks and have you reaching for your camera phone.

Then there’s Dartmoor National Park, an area untouched by time and dotted with ancient landmarks, and the best part is it’s easy to reach. In fact, part of Devon’s charm is that you can be lounging on the beach one hour and making like explorers on Dartmoor the next…and much of the county’s dog friendly. Step across the threshold and onto the flagstones of almost any pub and your dog will be welcomed as warmly as (if not more warmly!) than the two-legged folk will.

Churston Cove

We love Churston Cove, and although it’s tucked well off the beaten track it’s one of the most beautiful little coves in the whole of South Devon. To reach it, you need to follow a winding path that can be steep in places, but if you don’t mind the walk you’ll be rewarded with the kind of secluded little beach...

Our Top 10 Beaches in Devon

Oh we do love to be beside the seaaaaaaside, and with the weather being so kind to us it’s the perfect time to share some of our favourite Devon beaches with you all. From secluded coves once used by smugglers to unspoilt stretches of sand that go on for miles...we've covered them all.
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