Watergate Bay Beach

Watergate Bay Beach

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When a beach is as famous as Watergate Bay it’s got to be something special, and this stretch of sand just to the north of Newquay lends itself to walkers at any time of the year. With a two mile carpet of clean, golden sand underfoot and dramatic cliffs behind, the beach is perfect for those walks when it’s just the two of you as the sun goes down, the lone walker enjoying the quiet before the day starts and family strolls with the dog.

The most striking thing about Watergate Bay’s beach (after the sand) is how much space there is. It may be one of the UK’s most popular spots but even the warmest days leave enough space for a stroll on the sand without bothering others.

Whilst Watergate Bay has that unspoilt beauty that we all look for in a beach, it sure isn’t short of facilities. You’ll find toilets, cafes and a lifeguard service along the way, so if you fancy stopping off for a cup of tea while you enjoy the walk you won’t be too far from the nearest spot for a pit stop.

You’ll find a car park right in the middle of the beach, and the sand is easy to reach from it. The annual Relentless Boardmasters competition sees some of the world’s acts perform at the Watergate Bay event during the championships, and there’s even a choice of surfing and beach activity academies on the beach.

There are even occasional polo matches on the beach, and top players show off their skills and horses as the waves dart around their hooves, making a wonderful sight. If you’re planning a beach holiday in Watergate Bay, you’ll find miles of fine sand, a lifeguard service, cafes and bar and toilets.

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