When we asked mums and dads about New Year's...

We wanted to know what new mums and dads get up to on New Year’s Eve

We’re a nosy bunch here at Blue Chip, and when we got to wondering how New Year’s Eve changes once baby comes along we thought we’d ask the best people to fill us in – new mums and dads. So, we picked a selection of newish parents to tell us what they used to do, what they do know, and what – in a dream world- they’d be doing when the clock chimed 12 this year…and here’s what they told us.

81% used to host or attend a party on New Year’s Eve before becoming mums and dads

That’s right, the majority of our mums and dads used to be New Year night owls, either visiting friends at a party or having them over for drinks and celebrations.

45% do nothing special on New Year’s since having children

It looks like it’s quiet nights for 45% of our new parents, as they don’t do anything different than a usual evening on New Year’s these days.

54% put the children to bed at their usual bedtime

So what about putting the little ones to bed? To stay up or not to stay up? Well, 54% of you tuck them up at their normal bedtime…

35% let them stay up a little later on New Year’s Eve

…and 35% of you bend the rules and let them stay up to see the new year in.

58% would like to spend New Year’s Eve somewhere special with friends

So now we know what our mums and dads get up to as the new year edges its way in, but what would they rather be doing? Well, it turns out 58% of our helpful survey takers would quite like to gather the family and spend a New Year somewhere special with friends. Nothing too raucous, just a break somewhere new where they can relax downstairs as midnight approaches while the kids sleep happily upstairs…sound like a plan? We think so too.

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