10 reasons to love the Agatha Christie Festival

10 reasons to love the Agatha Christie Festival

Oh how we love the Agatha Christie Festival …The queen of crime’s gorgeous South Devon hometown of Torquay comes over all mysterious and celebrates its most famous resident in true Agatha style. The programme’s packed with themed events designed to lure amateur sleuths from all over the world, so here are just a few of the reasons we love the whole festival. For the full festival programme and to book tickets click here.

1. Vintage Fairs

Now who doesn’t love a vintage fair? The Agatha Christie Festival always includes a vintage wonderland of a fair with more than 30 themed stalls. Vintage fancy dress is welcome, and there’s always live music to set the tone too.

2. Greenway comes to life

Greenway House was once Agatha and Max’s country retreat, and it comes to life once again as it hosts the Greenway Ball as part of the festival. The house and gardens are the perfect setting for the elegant event, think dresses to impress, cocktails and liveried staff…

3. The very special guests

One of the most exciting things about the festival is that it sees very special guests descend on Torquay to share the excitement. This year will see Sophie Hannah, Kate Adie and John Curran take part in events.

4. Whodunnit theme nights

We love an excuse to dust off our costumes and parade as would-be villains, and the annual Murder Mystery Dinner means we get to test our detective skills for an evening. Have you read enough Poirot to work out whodunit when you’re on the spot?

5. The workshops

We love the fact that there’s plenty to inspire budding writers during the festival, including a Workshop for Writers at Torre Abbey. What better place to start a new adventure and hone your literary skills than alongside fellow fans of the world’s bestselling author?

6. The plays

Torquay’s local theatres pay homage to Agatha’s works all year round, but there’s always plenty of opportunity to see some of her most famous ones on stage during the festival. And Then There were None will be thrilling audiences at The Princess Theatre throughout the festival.

7. The Agatha Christie Mile

If you’ve never walked the Agatha Christie Mile then we’re afraid you can’t quite claim to be a true fan of our Agatha Christie…the walk takes in some of the spots that shaped her life, including the Grand Hotel where she honeymooned and The Pavilion where her first husband proposed.

8. Because we love Torquay

Torquay stayed in Agatha’s heart long after she moved away, (she even kept a summer home just down the road in Galmpton), and it’s easy to see why. With its palm-lined seafront and balmy weather, the English Riviera’s beautiful.

9. The book readings

The festival’s always a fantastic opportunity for fans of Dame Agatha to gather for live readings of her infamous works, and there’ll be readings of her short stories every day in the Book Tent at the historic Torre Abbey.

10. The atmosphere

When else can one wander Torquay’s seafront to be greeted with a tip of the hat by Poirot himself? Or see giggling groups of ladies dressed in flapper dresses and feather head dresses on their way to a grand event? Torquay celebrates Agatha Christie with gumption, and we love it.
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